Writing Your Award Entry

If you have not yet started writing your entry or perhaps just need some help on how to improve it, below are some useful hints and tips to ensure you make the best submission possible:

  1. Think carefully about the categories you wish to enter. Choose the categories based on your strengths as a company or individual. Be honest about what you are good at and how you can demonstrate this to the judges.
  2. Don’t leave writing your entries until the last minute and make sure you submit on time.
  3. To impress the judges your entry must stand out from the crowd. Use plenty of bullet points and bolding to make your point and ensure your entry is easy to read.  State clearly at the beginning precisely why you deserve to win a particular category.
  4. The judges will want to see proof of claims you make about being “the best”, offering “great service”, “value for money”, “being innovative” etc.  Avoid vague statements such as “raise awareness” and avoid cliches.
  5. The judges will have lots of entries to read so keep your entry succinct.  Write in plain English and keep it simple. The judges are unlikely to be experts in your particular field so avoid jargon.
  6. Make sure it doesn’t contain typos.  Many entries do and they can be very irritating.
  7. Demonstrate that your product / service has a market, that there is a demand from that market and that the business is sustainable.  Provide robust evaluation of your business.  Competitor analysis and sales, turnover and profit figures speak for themselves and are not subjective.
  8. Don’t hide good arguments in supporting material.  Such material often isn’t read.
  9. Be sure to answer all the questions the judges ask too, rather than just the ones that suit you to answer.
  10. Avoid letting techies, lawyers or accountants write your entry. They are often not the best at communicating in words but think they can.  CEOs/MDs often lack the time or patience to do the job well. Award entries are usually best written by the PR / Marketing Department or by external experts.

To view categories and download an entry form, CLICK HERE.

Businesses can enter up to three categories and deadline for submissions is Friday 14 July 2017.

Entry costs £50 (ex vat) for one entry or £100 (ex vat) for up to three to cover the administration costs of the scheme.


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